Public Forums Archive

Common Ground Committee Public Forums are high-profile discussions which illustrate how areas of mutual interest or agreement become evident when participants move away from “talking points” to thoughtful dialogue. We’ve archived previously held Public Forums here.

The Common Ground Committee partnered with The Nantucket Project in Nantucket, Conn. to host a Public Forum on civility in the public space. See the entire Public Forum. Read more 

Short video: Watch substantive agreement emerge between the honorable
Barney Frank and Larry Kudlow during Common Ground Committee’s seventh
public forum, “Finding Common Ground on Taxes”! Read more 

The honorable Barney Frank and Larry Kudlow engage in a productive discussion on key questions affecting the political debate over federal tax reform in this Presidential election year. Read more 

David Gergen and Chris Matthews with stories and insights driving the point home that shared experiences and relationships, as personified by Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil, enable political rivals to find common ground and work together. Read more 

Former New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell covered key aspects of the topic, including the current realities, reform goals and discussed how we can achieve those goals. Our growing national debt requires honest, substantive discussions … Read more 

A Public Forum about tax reform by a panel of nationally-known experts. Jared Bernstein, Dr. Arthur Laffer, and Gail Chaddock. The event was moderated by The Christian Science Monitor editor, John Yemma. Facilitated by Dr. Kraft Bell. Read more 

China is a key foreign issue facing our nation and the world. A Public Forum with a wide range of viewpoints represented by John Rutledge, Henry S. Tang, Peter Ford and Alan Tonelson and moderated by The Christian Science Monitor editor, John Yemma. Read more 

A new approach to finding areas of policy agreement on issues without forcing any of the participants to compromise or bend too far. The panel was moderated by John Yemma, and featured Congressman Christopher Shays, Stephen Moore, and Dr. Mark Zandi. Facilitated by Dr. Kraft Bell. Read more